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Aug. 17th, 2009

(no subject)

we had such a lovely morning today. sitting out in the garden with Molly and her crawl-thingy playset - it felt so relaxing, laying on the grass with my baby and watching the sun move across the sky. i am so lucky, we have this gorgeous house my parents gave us and i have the most beautiful baby i could imagine and a wonderful husband :) so many people are worse off and whenever i am blue i just look at the garden with the flowers in bloom and i see my little girl, the spitting image of anthony (lucky!) and i feel so happy.

i just wish anthony would come back sooner, he has been gone so long and only been home a handful of times and then it was straight back again... i mean it could be so much worse, he could have come back hurt or depressed or god forbid not at all... he has been lucky, and he's not exactly in the midst of danger with his position in the army but still. its been just me and molly and she's only met her dad once... and i am so lonely, i hardly talk to anyone except my baby who can't exactly talk back yet, and we live so far away..

i just can't wait for ant to come home and we can be a proper family again and i wont have to juggle doing EVERYTHING around the house! i mean honestly my cooking lacks skill, i really wanna be a proper mommy to Molly and bake pies and stuff for her but i just cant :/

i should love this time though because i always loved this house and eventually we will have to move so molly can go to a school near her - this place is so removed from anything, we are lucky to have internet!

ah well, i think it's time to take a nap, molly is worn out from the exercise this morning and i should grab the chance! :)

Aug. 14th, 2009

(no subject)

Hi :) .. I'm new to this..

My name is Angie. I was born on the 15th September, 1987. I am married to the most wonderful man and our beautiufl little miracle Molly was born last year on the 24th June :)

My husband is in the armed forces so most of the time Molly and me are home alone. We live in a remote area so we are pretty cut off, but the peace nd quiet is great for Mollys brain and she is months ahead of other babies!

I was born and raised in Idaho, a proper country girl, and I have only left the state once. I love it here, there is no where in the world that is most beautiful!

Right now my life revolves around Molly and her growth and happiness, and waiting for my love to come back to us :) I joined this site so I could make friends and get advice on child rearing! As I have said I live in a tiny little town in the middle of the state and we are an half hour drive from there, so the internet is the best resource :)

I like cooking, horse riding, playing with Molly, painting, and  hve just gotten into knitting which is far more exciting then you would realize!

So that's me in a nutshell, my life might not be the most exciting but it is great! Molly is my life and I've never been happier :)

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